What/who is responsible for your ideas?

In my case, it’s mostly music. I hear a song and then have a story in my inner eye. More like movie scenes, at first. Then, when I write, it could happen, that I listen to the same song over and over until my scene or chapter is finished.

Or, you go for a walk in the woods, the city or wherever, and then you see a perfect setting for a scene that would fit to your story ideas or already written chapters. I keep that scenery in my head while writing.

Last but not least: people. They are a huge source of inspiration! Either if it’s a famous person, a stranger you just saw on street, your friend or an invented one. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get plenty of ideas, when you think about that particular person. What will that person do in your story? What happened to them before? What will happen? I like to think about that.





The merits of walking a dog

dog-cute-pet.jpgOkay, it’s gorgeous to own a dog no matter what, but what I’ve learned today was:

People actually start talking to you and you get the opportunity to listen to many interesting stories.

Today, I walked my mother’s dog, a Border Collie, named “Holly” and I got to know some nice people, who all have one thing in common: The love for animals.

I learned about a woman, who was beaten by her parents, just because she saved dogs and gave them shelter in her home. Respect to that lady! I talked to complete strangers about how animals changed their live in a very positive way. Even I, who hates smalltalk, was kinda surprised, about how people act, when you have a dog with you. Basically, because the topic “animals” is interesting for me anway. For a short period of time, those people actually acted like they would know you since ages.

Walk with a dog is like a cloud of attention, that is hanging above your head. I’m not used to that, first of all, as I’m a cat owner: Two Thai cats, that lightening up my day, whenever I see them. But, it doesn’t really matter, which pet you have. A mouse, a rat, a snake, a cat, a cow, a pig,… whatever. Important is, that they make you happy and proud. They are like family.

So, the moral of this story is: Go and hug your pet as it’s a wonderful and precious being!



Tired, tired, tired…


I don’t really know, if it’s the weather, the season, or just myself, but…I’m tired, literally all day long. I wake up, and I’m tired…I have my third coffee, still, I’m sleepy. I could sleep for 12 hours, and I’m nevertheless weary.

I wonder, how many of you out there, feel the same? Where did that fatigue come from?

Anyway, as I’m tired, no matter what, I live with this until I feel awakened again.



The wheel of time and why you have to stay creative.


Can you say so?

I think you can. Because that’s what time actually is: A wheel, that runs and run and run and you will never have enough time. When I was a kid, my grandfather told me, that “Time flies by and the older you get, the more you will realise that”. As a child I couldn’t really relate to that, as all I did, was playing around, being outside, doing stuff all day long and so on, so on.

But, since I grow older and older with every morning, that I wake up, I finally get the insight, that my granddad was totally right. I mean, what we do in life, is probably the same daily grind, which basically consits of: we get up, we go to work, we work, we come home from work, we eat, we sleep.

Yes, not the life, that I imagined as a kid…

We are captives in a system, that forces you to work all day long, to bury your dreams and that exploits you. So, what to do against it? YES! Art! The only thing that keeps me sane. Either, your a writer, a visual artist, musician, actor/actress, dancer, or whatever creative. Never stop with that! Please, I beg you! The world needs more creativity! The world needs you and your stories, your paintings, your acting, your dancing and your music!

With this, I go now and do something creative: writing further on my story. Wish me luck as I wish you all the best for your works!


Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day over here and I just want to quickly appreciate my Mother and all the other gorgeous, strong women (and transgender women, of course), out there, who were fighting against inequality every day anew.

We live in a century, where women still get oppressed by the male world, still get less paid as a man, where women, still, fear to walk home alone. I ask myself, why we do this to our Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends, Wives, Aunts, Friends?

Just, think about this day….Appreciate your Mother EVERY day, not only on Mother’s Day. Your mum (if you are lucky enough to have a good relationship to her, as I have to mine.) is one of the most important persons in your life. You need to esteem her more often. Just let her know, that you are thankful for all her devotion.

If this day, is not a day to celebrate, because you may not have a very good relationship to your mum, then think about another strong woman in your life. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your friend, the neighbour or your idol. Just value them.

Oh, and I also send my congrats to all the pet Mums out there!

May all you Mothers enjoy the day!





Why I always run over new ideas and why it takes me so long to finally put them on paper?

I mean, look…I have hundreds of ideas in my head for my first book. Like, a real book. No short stories nor novel…A book. And even for short stories and novels I have so many ideas, that I really start asking myself, how to put them all into one story?

Now I started to outline my ideas. They grow more and more with every day. I work through them on paper, while in my head, everything is already finished. I get more and more conceptions, I want to add fresh ideas into already “finished” chapters. Isn’t it funny, that I really get the feeling, that I will probably need years to finish this one particular story??

Anyway, I will try to take care of my sweet, lovely brainchilds. Wish me luck!



Smalltalk. No. Sorry.


Most people, they talk nonsense. Let’s be honest. At least, I think so, as I’m a person, who hates smalltalk.

I see no use in that, neither I’m interested in your latest car purchase, that your child is teething or what your dog just ate for lunch. Oh, and also I’m not interested in your work,…because I think, if you are only able to speak about this, then your life really needs some change. Anyway: People will always chatter about this and you (if you try to look at least a bit socialised) need to nod, agree or disagree.

I’m almost sure that many people will say, listen to smalltalk is not a big deal or they even like it and that’s okay as well. But not for me….So, what to do, when superficial boredom conversation try to take over your good, energetic mood?

Yes…returning to your own Dreamland, as it’s much more interesting, right? I may sound rude, and I don’t even care as well, but: I’d rather stay at home and write, dream and create than go out and talk to people. Except you are same minded…Then, I could talk to you for hours. I’m wondering if other people feel the same as I do?


Cheers and happy Friday!

Too many ideas…


…not enough time?

Anyone agree? Then, clap your hands!

Right? I think most creative people know this feeling: Having various conceptions running through your mind, but with which one to start?

Okay, since months (that actually turned into years now) I have an idea about a story, set in the Victorian era and suddenly, it just happened a few days ago, my muse returned. I’m able to continue writing now! Yes!

Sometimes time goes by so quickly, and it still  happens, that you revert to your original idea and add more and more deepness into it. I love when this happens, just to mention.

Now, I already have 70 pages for this mentioned story and I think, finally I actually started writing.



The point of having terrible friends



Hard title, right?

But let’s be honest. Most people know, how it is, to suffer over a “wrong” friend. A person, who just do you no good at all. You can think a lot about how this person changed your life and you still come to the same conclusion: The person changed your life, in a very bad way, turned it into a negative cloud of bad moods. The person made you worry about the most silliest things, they let you suffer for absolutely no good. It’s time, to let those people vanish out of your life. Let them go. It recently just happened to me,….a former very good friend, turned into an egoistic, inward-looking creepy monster….Or,…was that particular person like that all the time and I was just too blind to notice that? I let this question in the room,…in my mind room.

I let that person go (and hope that this individual will never return into my precious life)