Learning by making mistakes 

Close-up of TextI have to admit, that I really make a bunch of mistakes: in writing, in art, in music. I don’t get how people work without mistakes, anyway.

As expected, you really learn a lot from your mistakes. You accept them, and get better and better. I have a great example: My first portfolio was a HUGE mess. I didn’t know what or how to set my pictures that good to make them look somehow appealing. I needed a portfolio the fastest possible way, as I had a presentation about my work. It was, well,….for me, as a perfectionist, just terrible. The people, who looked at my book, they were amazed. Don’t ask me why. I really hated this book. Everything about it. I just wanted to throw it away as soon as I returned home.

I, happily, ignored the fact that I’m gonna need a new portfolio for some month. However, a few weeks ago, I realised that it’s very important to finally made a new one. So I started. I created and did. I worked days over days, I deleted, I re-created, I cried, I laughed.

Yesterday it came to me in book form and guess what? I WAS SATISFIED. I can’t tell you how much. I saw my book and was happy. I looked into it, and the happiness was ongoing. I made something right. Yes. After hours of desperation, I finally did it. So, the moral of this story is: You totally need mistakes, or how do you think, you would get better elsewise?? Make mistakes, write wrong, play wrong, sing wrong, paint wrong. Every mistake just bring you closer to a whole. It will bring you to a feeling of “finally achieving something”. Sure, mistakes will make you cry, sometimes maybe even put shame on you. But take all those experiences and let them flow into your new work, into your better work.

Dalí once said: “No tengas miedo de la perfección, nunca la alcanzarás” or in English: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” and I think that’s it. (Although, in my opinion, he’s perfect. But that’s a matter of opinion, anyway. Right?)

So, with this, I wish you a happy Friday. Create things, make art, play music, write stories. Just be aware of everything and accept mistakes. Improve yourself, everyday a little bit more and be happy about it then.




The fear of flying 


Okay as a person, who’s not really into flying, I need to admit that I already flew very often in my life. But it doesn’t matter how often I do so, I still have this fear inside me, when entering the plane.

So I tried to take a closer look at it. Why am I afraid? About what exactly? Where my fear did even come from?

My uncle is a hobby pilot. He owns a small plane and flies just for fun. That’s weird. Even more weird is that, as he’s my godfather as well, he named the aircraft after me. Nice, but, still…. Weird. I never flew with it, by the way. Because, yes. I kinda hate flying and to sit in a tiny plane called Luis, where you can feel every gust of wind, never really was a dream of mine, to be honest.

Then I took a glimpse at my dad, who always wanted to be a pilot as well, but, at last, decided not to spent all his free time learning it. He decided, it’s way better to relax and accompany uncle Armando.

Anyway… It still doesn’t really gave me any insight where my fear of flying even came from? Sister loves  flying, Cousins, they all love flying, etc.

Then… My Mother. She’s afraid of flying. She never did it. Because she doesn’t want to crash. Good reason, I already thought as a child. She told me the most horrible stories of what could happen, while in the air. This was the total counterpart to my father, who always fancy about the freedom, while in the air. 

So here I was. A young kid, one parent told me, how flying is a piece of total freedom, that makes alive. The other, how desperate and fearful you must feel, when you know the plane is about to crash and there is not really a chance of rescue.

And me? Well I think I’m the perfect mixture between them. I’m kinda afraid of flying, as I think about the last few seconds you would realise the absolute certainly that you gonna die, when crashing. But, happily, on the other hand, I see the chances to reach foreign countries the easy way. Not that romantic as my pilot uncle would hold a torch for, but still, I can weigh the pros and cons of spending some time high above in the sky.

For me, it will be in July. I hope I’m still positive tempered, when arriving at the airport. Wish me luck!





What/who is responsible for your ideas?

In my case, it’s mostly music. I hear a song and then have a story in my inner eye. More like movie scenes, at first. Then, when I write, it could happen, that I listen to the same song over and over until my scene or chapter is finished.

Or, you go for a walk in the woods, the city or wherever, and then you see a perfect setting for a scene that would fit to your story ideas or already written chapters. I keep that scenery in my head while writing.

Last but not least: people. They are a huge source of inspiration! Either if it’s a famous person, a stranger you just saw on street, your friend or an invented one. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get plenty of ideas, when you think about that particular person. What will that person do in your story? What happened to them before? What will happen? I like to think about that.