Coming in hot

arid, clouds, daylightOkay, I actually force myself to write everyday. But, damn….time flies by pretty fast and I have the feeling, that I literally achieve nothing in my life. DAMN IT.

And I’m lazy atm.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the heat, but I get up in the morning and wanna return to bed and sleep until I don’t feel that tired anymore. It’s hot over here. Very hot. At least,… I make myself think that it’s the heats fault, and not mine. Lol.

But the truth is, that most people have a lazy time in their lives, haven’t we? On some days, you feel so energetic, that you think you could reach anything imaginable and on some other days, you’re a huge shadow of yourself. Nothing more. I’m latter at the moment, but I keep thinking positive. I will get my energy back. I’m sure about that.






Tired, tired, tired…


I don’t really know, if it’s the weather, the season, or just myself, but…I’m tired, literally all day long. I wake up, and I’m tired…I have my third coffee, still, I’m sleepy. I could sleep for 12 hours, and I’m nevertheless weary.

I wonder, how many of you out there, feel the same? Where did that fatigue come from?

Anyway, as I’m tired, no matter what, I live with this until I feel awakened again.



The point of having terrible friends



Hard title, right?

But let’s be honest. Most people know, how it is, to suffer over a “wrong” friend. A person, who just do you no good at all. You can think a lot about how this person changed your life and you still come to the same conclusion: The person changed your life, in a very bad way, turned it into a negative cloud of bad moods. The person made you worry about the most silliest things, they let you suffer for absolutely no good. It’s time, to let those people vanish out of your life. Let them go. It recently just happened to me,….a former very good friend, turned into an egoistic, inward-looking creepy monster….Or,…was that particular person like that all the time and I was just too blind to notice that? I let this question in the room,…in my mind room.

I let that person go (and hope that this individual will never return into my precious life)




As an introvert you got some problems.

But one of those, that hold myself captive the most is: TRY to express myself, but fail deeply, as I hate to be on social media.

So, what do? I work everyday,….wheter on writing, art, music. I paint, I outline my stories, I rhyme, I compose and play piano, organ or every other instrument that grab my attention. BUT: no one, will ever see or hear that, because I’m too shy to post this somewhere. I started to think about “Self promotion” today.  I read a lot of reports and the fact that most writers are intovert/shy as well, brought me here. It is said, I should try to express my feelings in a blog and here I am now.