Reality and time, time and reality. 

Why reality and time doesn’t really exist. 
First of all, because everybody has their own reality. What’s real to you, doesn’t mean it’s real to someone else. That’s a fact, isn’t it? 

Secondly, time is so totally irrelevant that I sometimes really need to laugh about it. Like, wait…. I just got up in the morning, how could it be that late already? Or, wait. Wasn’t it just afternoon and now it’s the next day? Time flies by so damn fast and we focus on so much unimportant things. It’s ridiculous. What I want to say is: life is way too short to worry too much about useless things, it’s way too short to do things, that you don’t like to do.  

Time literally slips through your fingers, you can’t grab it, nor hold it and you can’t stop that. You simply can’t do anything against it. You need to be aware of this and try to enjoy as much time you have. 

Now go and do something that makes you (and maybe someone else) happy and enjoy your time.



The fear of flying 


Okay as a person, who’s not really into flying, I need to admit that I already flew very often in my life. But it doesn’t matter how often I do so, I still have this fear inside me, when entering the plane.

So I tried to take a closer look at it. Why am I afraid? About what exactly? Where my fear did even come from?

My uncle is a hobby pilot. He owns a small plane and flies just for fun. That’s weird. Even more weird is that, as he’s my godfather as well, he named the aircraft after me. Nice, but, still…. Weird. I never flew with it, by the way. Because, yes. I kinda hate flying and to sit in a tiny plane called Luis, where you can feel every gust of wind, never really was a dream of mine, to be honest.

Then I took a glimpse at my dad, who always wanted to be a pilot as well, but, at last, decided not to spent all his free time learning it. He decided, it’s way better to relax and accompany uncle Armando.

Anyway… It still doesn’t really gave me any insight where my fear of flying even came from? Sister loves  flying, Cousins, they all love flying, etc.

Then… My Mother. She’s afraid of flying. She never did it. Because she doesn’t want to crash. Good reason, I already thought as a child. She told me the most horrible stories of what could happen, while in the air. This was the total counterpart to my father, who always fancy about the freedom, while in the air. 

So here I was. A young kid, one parent told me, how flying is a piece of total freedom, that makes alive. The other, how desperate and fearful you must feel, when you know the plane is about to crash and there is not really a chance of rescue.

And me? Well I think I’m the perfect mixture between them. I’m kinda afraid of flying, as I think about the last few seconds you would realise the absolute certainly that you gonna die, when crashing. But, happily, on the other hand, I see the chances to reach foreign countries the easy way. Not that romantic as my pilot uncle would hold a torch for, but still, I can weigh the pros and cons of spending some time high above in the sky.

For me, it will be in July. I hope I’m still positive tempered, when arriving at the airport. Wish me luck!



The wheel of time and why you have to stay creative.


Can you say so?

I think you can. Because that’s what time actually is: A wheel, that runs and run and run and you will never have enough time. When I was a kid, my grandfather told me, that “Time flies by and the older you get, the more you will realise that”. As a child I couldn’t really relate to that, as all I did, was playing around, being outside, doing stuff all day long and so on, so on.

But, since I grow older and older with every morning, that I wake up, I finally get the insight, that my granddad was totally right. I mean, what we do in life, is probably the same daily grind, which basically consits of: we get up, we go to work, we work, we come home from work, we eat, we sleep.

Yes, not the life, that I imagined as a kid…

We are captives in a system, that forces you to work all day long, to bury your dreams and that exploits you. So, what to do against it? YES! Art! The only thing that keeps me sane. Either, your a writer, a visual artist, musician, actor/actress, dancer, or whatever creative. Never stop with that! Please, I beg you! The world needs more creativity! The world needs you and your stories, your paintings, your acting, your dancing and your music!

With this, I go now and do something creative: writing further on my story. Wish me luck as I wish you all the best for your works!