Learning a foreign language 

To speak more than one language (and hereby,  I mean your native languages.) is not only important, because you are able to communicate with more people, no, it’s also important because whenever you are learning something new, your brain has something to do. It works and works. You get smarter.
In our app filled time, it’s very easy to learn different languages. We have plenty of applications, that help you with that. You can sit by your breakfast and instead of checking emails or social media, try to check your language app. Believe me, this is a gorgeous way to start into the day.





As an introvert you got some problems.

But one of those, that hold myself captive the most is: TRY to express myself, but fail deeply, as I hate to be on social media.

So, what do? I work everyday,….wheter on writing, art, music. I paint, I outline my stories, I rhyme, I compose and play piano, organ or every other instrument that grab my attention. BUT: no one, will ever see or hear that, because I’m too shy to post this somewhere. I started to think about “Self promotion” today.  I read a lot of reports and the fact that most writers are intovert/shy as well, brought me here. It is said, I should try to express my feelings in a blog and here I am now.