Coming in hot

arid, clouds, daylightOkay, I actually force myself to write everyday. But, damn….time flies by pretty fast and I have the feeling, that I literally achieve nothing in my life. DAMN IT.

And I’m lazy atm.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the heat, but I get up in the morning and wanna return to bed and sleep until I don’t feel that tired anymore. It’s hot over here. Very hot. At least,… I make myself think that it’s the heats fault, and not mine. Lol.

But the truth is, that most people have a lazy time in their lives, haven’t we? On some days, you feel so energetic, that you think you could reach anything imaginable and on some other days, you’re a huge shadow of yourself. Nothing more. I’m latter at the moment, but I keep thinking positive. I will get my energy back. I’m sure about that.






Tired, tired, tired…


I don’t really know, if it’s the weather, the season, or just myself, but…I’m tired, literally all day long. I wake up, and I’m tired…I have my third coffee, still, I’m sleepy. I could sleep for 12 hours, and I’m nevertheless weary.

I wonder, how many of you out there, feel the same? Where did that fatigue come from?

Anyway, as I’m tired, no matter what, I live with this until I feel awakened again.